Retain your customers, easily.

Create your loyalty program to engage and reward your customers

Your loyalty program

Create your own loyalty program in one click to increase the purchase rate.

Gamify the user journey

Make your customers play through missions to achieve. Each level unlocks new discounts or exclusive benefits.

Increase the purchase rate

Increase the purchase rate and your customer lifetime value by creating a community of loyal clients.

Our product

Increase your sales with our complete loyalty program.

Our clients

What your users are going to say

I Save Money

I pay my products cheaper and I am rewarded for my purchases.

I Feel Privileged

I obtain privileges thanks to my status.

I Have Fun

I buy through a gamified user journey.

I Feel Unique

I have a personalised user journey according to my profile.

The Team


Pauline Jeunot


Skema - ESCP
Co-founder of
& Digital Strategy Consultant


Diane Guyot


Warwick - ESCP
Co-founder of Givee
& Unifounders


Rodolphe Béjot


École 42
Full-stack Developer

Your numbers

5 Acquiring a new client costs 5 times more than to keep one.
67 Loyal clients spend on average 67% more compared to new ones.
80 % of your turnover comes from 20% of your clients, the loyal ones...
5 Increasing the retention rate by 5% increases the profits by 25 to 95%.